Tenacious California Attorneys Fight for Victims of Gender Discrimination

Decisive lawyers in the Torrance area press for equal treatment under the law

In their jobs, schools and other arenas, women and men in America are entitled to equal treatment under the law. The reality, however, is that employers, colleges, and even family court judges sometimes take actions that reflect gender bias. If you’ve faced discrimination on the basis of your gender, the Donna Kay Law Firm will uphold your rights and seek appropriate relief. Whether you’re a woman who’s been denied equal pay at work or a divorced father who’s been discriminated against in a child custody battle, we will fight for your rights to equal treatment under the law and seek the justice you deserve.

Knowledgeable advocates handle all types of gender discrimination cases

There are, unfortunately, many areas of life in which gender discrimination exists. We handle cases for both men and women treated unequally in:

  • Education (Title IX)
  • Employment (Title VII)
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Parental rights

If your sex has been used against you in any of these areas, you have options. We will seek all appropriate remedies under the law, which may include monetary damages and injunctive relief.

Determined counselors hold educational institutions accountable

The law guarantees male and female students equal opportunities in academics and extra-curricular activities, including sports, at most institutions that receive federal funding. While Title IX was intended to level the playing field in women’s college sports, discrimination still exists in athletics as well as in these areas:

  • Academic honors
  • Admissions
  • Financial aid
  • Sexual abuse

If your rights to Title IX protections have been violated, you can count on us to hold the offending institution accountable for your mistreatment.

Tough advisers press for equal treatment in employment

While progress has been made in establishing equality in the workplace, sex discrimination still occurs, affecting not only a victim’s ability to earn a living but creating an environment in which the worker’s morale is compromised, diminishing their ability to do their job effectively. We represent clients who’ve suffered discrimination in the workplace over issues such as:

  • Benefits – Even though women tend to be more costly to insure, the law requires they be given equal access to healthcare benefits.
  • Hiring – In the past, many women were unfairly denied positions and promotions due to gender. While employment discrimination on the basis of sex may not be as prevalent as it once was, it still exists, especially in specific occupations and industries. For example, women are more likely to suffer from discrimination when applying for engineering positions, while men may find it hard to get hired as administrative assistants. In either case, the discrimination violates federal law.
  • Firing – When layoffs seem to disproportionately affect one gender, discrimination may be the reason.
  • Pay – A person’s gender cannot be a factor in determining his or her salary or wages.
  • Pregnancy – Refusal to hire or make reasonable accommodations for a pregnant woman (or one who might become pregnant) is considered discrimination under federal law.
  • Promotion – If all promotions seem to be going to employees of one gender, discrimination may be a factor.
  • Sexual harassment – Perpetrating or tolerating this behavior is considered discrimination under federal law. Unwanted sexual conduct in the workplace is illegal if it is meant as a condition of employment or becomes so pervasive that it creates a hostile work environment. The definition of sexual harassment is not gender-specific in regards to perpetrator or victim.

Workplace discrimination affects not only the victim but can also create a climate of mistrust within an organization. If your gender has been used against you when seeking employment, or you suspect you’ve been fired on the basis of your sex, we will investigate your situation and offer skilled representation that may include reinstatement to your original or similar position, lost wages, or other awards.

Assertive attorneys represent your rights in housing and parenting matters

Housing discrimination based on sex is illegal under federal law. If you believe you’ve been denied a rental property or a mortgage to buy a home because of your gender, we can help you file a fair housing complaint with the federal government and see it through to successful conclusion.

Though bias against divorced fathers in custody, support and visitation matters is less prevalent than it once was, there are still cases where men feel women are unfairly favored in family court decisions. If you’re a father whose custodial rights have been limited simply because you’re the male parent, the Donna Kay Law Firm can help you assert your parental rights and fight decisions made on the basis of gender discrimination.

Contact our aggressive California firm if you face gender discrimination

If you are the victim of gender discrimination at work, school, or any other arena where the law prohibits such treatment, the Donna Kay Law Firm will fight for your rights to equal treatment under the law. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim, call our Torrance office at 213-510-2529 or contact us online.