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Employers who discriminate against transgender, non-binary or other gender-nonconforming individuals not only violate their basic dignity but also violate the law. At the Donna Kay Law Firm, we represent clients in the Torrance area and throughout California in actions against employers who deny their protections under local, California and federal laws and the Constitution of the United States. If you are harassed in your workplace, denied employment or fair pay, or are passed up for a promotion on the basis of your gender identity, we will help you seek justice and fair compensation.

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Transgender and gender-nonconforming people have rights in the workplace. Knowing these rights can help you stand up for what you deserve. You should be able to expect:

  • Safety — Employers are required to provide safe working conditions. If there are known dangers at your workplace, or if a hostile environment exists due to harassment, your employer must work to remedy the situation or face the possibility of legal repercussions.
  • Facilities access — You have the right to use the restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities that are consistent with your gender identity, and you cannot be required to use unsafe, unsanitary or unreasonably distant facilities.
  • Equal pay — The Equal Pay Act requires equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.
  • Equal benefits — Health insurance and other benefits must be offered equally to employees who do equal work.
  • Privacy — It is your right to decide who gets to know about your transition or gender identity and when. The law protects your personal medical information and bars your employer from sharing it without your consent except when legally necessary.

Employers should also respect your right to dress in accordance with the dress code that fits your gender identity, and should call you by your chosen name.

If you were harassed or barred from fair treatment or equal benefits at work due to your gender identity, the attorney at the Donna Kay Law Firm can assist you in filing a discrimination complaint. We also help clients to seek remedies and compensation for the suffering they have endured.

Experienced advocates oppose employers that hire and fire unfairly

Denying someone access to a job or promotion can prevent them from financial and career opportunities while also causing significant emotional stress. Federal courts, as well as many state and local courts, have handed down decisions confirming that employment decisions based on a person’s gender identity constitutes sex discrimination. The attorneys at the Donna Kay Law Firm will work to reach a favorable settlement, but if litigation becomes necessary, we are fully prepared to argue your case in court.

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